Painting Vinyl Siding – Guide

St. Louis Painter

more vinyl painting tips that you should read.

Vinyl siding was purchased under the advantage that it is maintenance free. One of the disadvantages is, if Vinyl siding does not first get damaged, sometimes it just ugly out. And one thing that is common about vinyl siding is they come in colors not found in nature. E.g. the lavender pinkish blue cottage in the woods seems out of place. If you want to paint your vinyl siding successfully, you must put the following into consideration:

• The Cleaning technique that will be used on the vinyl siding to prepare the surface for paint
• Heat expansion of the vinyl
• Paint color about the original vinyl siding color
• Putting into consideration the type of paint to be used on the siding.

How to Paint Vinyl Siding


Follow this simple steps shared by a St. Louis Painter to me few times when i hired him to do a painting job for me.

A thorough cleaning is a critical first step toward achieving a quality paint job not only on vinyl but any material. Use water and soap to scrub the old siding and rinse it thoroughly. Do not apply much force while washing vinyl siding because water can get behind the vinyl siding. Allow enough time for the vinyl siding to dry completely. Oxygen bleach cleaner is best used if the siding has mildewed or mold surface. And remember not to print in the direction of sunlight.
Heat Expansion of the Vinyl understands that vinyl siding was made to be installed in such a way that it slides back and forth just slightly at its overlapping seams as the siding contracts and expands. When that happens in cold weather and the siding contracts, there may be a slight color gap at the seams.

Paint Color Limitations

The vinyl siding plastic composition at the company was made for a specific amount of heat to be absorbed. As a result, it is a bad idea to pick a color shade darker than the original or you may have warping due to the fact that dark color absorb more heat than the original vinyl siding was made to handle.

Type of Paint to Purchase When Painting Vinyl Siding

Purchase a paint with a blend of urethane and acrylic resins. Water based urethane mixed with quality acrylic resins gives excellent adhesion, so buy only a quality exterior latex urethane paint such as Sherwin Williams Duration.

Dry Weather

Dampness means drips and slow drying, so avoid painting your wall on a rainy day. If you must paint when it’s humid, take your time and benefit from slow-drying paint to correct your errors before moving on to the next coat. But don’t overwork, or it will show when you are finished.